Sam Hume

Actor / Producer

Sam Hume in Phonetime, talking on a rotary phone

A transcendent tale of love following two seperated lovers as they navigate the difficulties of their past and the possibilities of their future.

Rupert, the son of world-renowned artist Luther Milo, longs to create art of his own but is shackled by the need to care for his father.

A young man must come to terms with his new responsibilities moments before leaving for his long-awaited holiday.

About Sam

Sam Hume is an actor and creative producer splitting his time between Suffolk and London.


After working as a Young Associate of the New Wolsey Theatre, Sam spent nine months training as part of Soho Theatre Writers’ Lab where he wrote a full-length stage play, Ex With Benefits. He has a keen eye and love for dark comedies, and has a very dry sense of humour.


In 2022 he set up Red Human Films, a production company which has now produced several short films with great success on the festival circuit.


His next films I Spy, Solstice, and This Round  are currently in pre-production.

Producer and Actor Sam Hume poses for a portrait. He wears a white shirt and is leant with his elbows on a table

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Sam is represented for stage and screen by Evolution Talent:

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