Sam Hume

Actor / Producer

Sam Hume in Phonetime, talking on a rotary phone

A transcendent tale of love following two seperated lovers as they navigate the difficulties of their past and the possibilities of their future.

Rupert, the son of world-renowned artist Luther Milo, longs to create art of his own but is shackled by the need to care for his father.

A young man must come to terms with his new responsibilities moments before leaving for his long-awaited holiday.

About Sam

Sam is an actor and creative producer based in Suffolk, very close to London.

After working as a Young Associate of the New Wolsey Theatre, Sam spent nine months training as part of Soho Theatre Writers’ Lab where he wrote a full-length stage play, Ex With Benefits.

In 2022 he set up Red Human Films where he serves as Producer. His films Phonetime and The Phoney are currently on the festival circuit.

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Sam is represented for stage and screen by Evolution Talent:

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